Creating Coupons in your Dashboard

You now have the ability to create coupons in your dashboard and showcase them on your RepairPal profile page. This will allow customers to book appointments with the coupon attached.

We offer 4 types of coupons, based upon popular services.  We may add more coupon types in the future!

The coupons available now are:

    • Oil Change
    • Check Engine Light
    • Air Conditioning
    • Brakes

Below are instructions on how to create and manage your coupon offers in the dashboard.

Navigating to Coupons

  1. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner of any dashboard page
  2. Click on “Manage Your Profile
  3. The coupons section is under "Settings" in the sidebar

Creating a Coupon

  1. Choose the category for the coupon by clicking the down arrow in the accordion
  2. Choose a coupon start date (current date or later)
  3. Choose a coupon end date (must be 30 days or more from the start date)
  4. Choose the coupon value:
    • $ for a dollar amount off of the service price (free text entry)
    • % for a percentage off of the service price (choose from the dropdown options)
    • Flat rate for a specific discounted price for the service (free text entry)
      • If you enter a discount for more than $25 or a flat rate for less than $50, you will get a warning message letting you know that you may have made a mistake. This will not stop you from saving the coupon as is if you intended to enter that dollar amount.
    • generic disclaimer will be automatically displayed in the disclaimer field. Please add your additional rules or requirements for the coupon to the disclaimer, or you can write your own disclaimer if you prefer.  Remember, the disclaimer explains to the consumer how the coupon can be applied to the selected service, so it’s important to be clear and specific about what is and is not covered!
    • When you ready to save your coupon, click “SAVE”

Note: If you choose the current date, your coupon will immediately become active and you’ll see a check mark and an expiration date display in the coupon accordion.

If you choose a future date, you’ll see the coupon start date display in the accordion.  You will be able to edit any coupons set for a future date until they become active.

Editing an Existing Active Coupon

  1. Click on the down arrow in the accordion for the coupon you want to edit
  2. The only editable field is the end date
    • You can’t change the start date or edit the disclaimer. 
    • You can’t change between discount or flat rate, or edit the discount type or amount or flat rate amount. 
    • If you want to change any of these fields, you will need to DEACTIVATE the coupon and ADD a new one.

Editing a Not Started Coupon

  1. Click on the down arrow in the accordion for the coupon you want to edit
  2. Follow the steps for adding a new coupon

Deactivating a Coupon

  1. Click on the down arrow in the accordion for the coupon you want to deactivate
  2. Click on the “DEACTIVATE” button
  3. A confirmation modal will appear with more information, including any upcoming appointments made with the coupon
  4. If you want to continue to deactivate, select the “DEACTIVATE COUPON” button
  5. If you change your mind, click “CANCEL”

Note: Even if you deactivate the coupon, you agree to honor any appointments that have already been booked with this coupon.

Appointments Booked with Coupons

When a consumer books an appointment with a coupon, the coupon information will show up in the appointment on the main page of the dashboard and on the appointments page.

Note: If you have any additional questions regarding the Coupons feature, please reach out to our customer success team!

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